Question: Steradian Semiconductors On-Campus Interview Experience 2022
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Eligiblity: B.Tech ECE students with above 70% semesters.

Location: Bengaluru

Post: Software Engineer and System Engineer

CTC: 27LPA (Base 15)

Stipend: 30K

Selection Process:

Resume Shortlisting

Technical Test

Technical Interview

Technical Test: I applied for a Software Engineer Role.

For this role, the technical test was of 1 hour and it has 50 MCQ questions from core electronics subjects(Digital Logic and circuit, Analog Electronics, etc..) and basic C programming.

From this round, 8 students were shortlisted for the technical interview.

Technical Interview:

After Introduction he gave me 1 DSA problem

Problem: An Array is given where every element is present twice except two elements print those two elements.

Click here to Practice

1st solution: Make a map and store the frequency of each element.

He asked me to use O(1) space.

2nd solution: sort the array elements and now traverse through the array and find the elements whose next element is not equal, if equal then jump the iterator (itr += 2).

Now he asked me to optimize the time complexity and use O(1) space.

3rd solution: I gave the approach using the XOR operator.

Then he asked me to code this 3rd solution. I did it successfully.

Then he asked me about dynamic memory allocation. I explained it with an example using new and delete operators.

Now the interviewer started asking about my two internship experiences which I had shown in my resume. He asked what things I learned from these internships and what kind of problems I faced during the internship and how I resolved them.

He asked me to explain every project mentioned in the resume briefly.

Then the interview asked me to open one project and go through the basic structure of code and then he asked me if I had any difficulty while building the project.

Then he went through my GitHub profile where he saw a few more projects and instructed me to explain them as well therefore it is important to keep your GitHub profile updated before the interview.

Verdict: Selected

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My steradian semiconductor interview for 6 months is tommorow can you give me some insights for that.

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hey i also have my interview tommrow can you help me ?

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hi, can you tell me how was the patttern for analog role for technical test. how was your interview experience

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when is your interview?


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DSA Problem


  • Given an array in which all numbers except two are repeated once. Find those two numbers.


  • Let a and b be the two unique numbers
  • XORing all numbers gets you (a xor b)
  • Since the two numbers are distinct, so there must be a set bit in the XOR result. Find out an arbitrary set bit (for example, the rightmost set bit).
  • Find the rightmost set bit, bit_i using the low bit formula m & -m.
  • Partition the numbers into two groups: one group with bit_i == 1 and the other group with bit_i == 0.
  • a is in one group, and b is in the other.
  • a is the only single number in its group.
  • b is also the only single number in its group.
  • XORing all numbers in a's group to get a
  • XORing all numbers in b's group to get b


  • Time Complexity: O(N), N is the size of the given array.
  • Memory Complexity: O(1)
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