Question: Deutsche Bank, Interview Experience for Graduate Analyst Role, August 2022
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NIT Raipur | ON CAMPUS | FTE | 2023

Online Assessment Round

3 Coding Problems

  • Problem 1 : Easy
  • Problem 2 : Easy - medium
  • Problem 3 : Medium

26 Candidates were Selected Based on OA

Interview Round - 4 Rounds

Technical Round 1 :

The interviewer asked questions about Data Structures (Time Complexity of linked lists, Number of queues to implement a Priority Queue, Array, Stacks, Array vs Linked Lists, Types of Tree Traversals), OS Concepts ( Spooling, Banker's algorithm, segmentation, Deadlocks, and its prevention), OOPs ( Operator Overloading and its implementation). This round took around 40 minutes.

Technical Round 2 :

This round was focused on DBMS and OOPs. The interviewer asked me to define a database schema, define tables, write SQL query statements, perform SQL joins, Implement Kruskal's algorithm, Implement a program to demonstrate multilevel inheritance, remove multiple inheritance ambiguity with/without using virtual base class, determine the order in which constructor and destructors are called. This round took around 50 minutes.

Professional Fitness Round : Unlike the previous rounds, this round was purely conversational. I was asked to define myself, whether I preferred working in a team or individually. The interviewer asked me if I had any questions.This round went on for about 20 minutes.

HR Round :

This round focused on the behavioral ability of the candidate. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself, how I would ensure a harmonious relationship with my colleagues. He asked me to explain my project in layman terms.

Verdict - 9 Candidates Selected

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