Question: Increff On-campus Interview Experience(SDE1-Backend)
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CGPA Cutoff - 7.0 CGPA

Branches Allowed - All Branches

Offer Type - Intern + Full-time

Role - SDE-1 Backend

  • Round 1- The first round was an online assessment conducted on HackerRank which basically consisted of 50 aptitude questions and we had 12 minutes to complete the test. It was meant to test the speed and accuracy of the students and after this almost 40-50 people got selected for the next round.
  • Round 2 - It was also an online assessment conducted on HackerRank which comprised of 22 questions(Programming MCQ's(20)+DSA(2)) and it was of 70 marks where the programming MCQ's were of 20 marks and the DSA part of 50 marks we had 90 minutes to complete the test and after this almost 18-20 people got selected for the third round.
  • Round 3 - It was an one on one technical interview where we were asked 3 DSA questions. One Question was on DP where we had to find the no. of ways using some given parameters and rules.The second question was on LinkedList where a alphabetic LinkedList was given and our aim was to sort it on the basis of vowels and consonants.The Last question was a twisted form of the Burning Tree Problem and after this only 3 people got selected for the final round. Duration- 60 mins
  • Round 4 - It was also a one on one technical interview around System Desgin where i was asked regarding LLD, HLD, scaling, micro -services, API's, Computer Networks,OOPS etc. and later on the projects were discussed on a detailed level and after this only I got selected for the role among the 3 people. Duration - 90mins


Some Tips regarding the Interviews

  • Try to maintain a good accuracy in the First round
  • In the second round try the DSA questions first as they have the most weightage
  • In the Third round try to have a good communication while explaining the codes and read out loud about your logic and the process of getting to the logic
  • In the last round try to answer the questions using some real world examples don't give layman definitions
  • Try to keep development related projects in the resume avoid keeping ML based projects.
  • Try to manage time properly

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