Question: De Shaw Internship Interview Experience
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Round-I (Online Assessment)

  • The online assessment consisted of three questions with a time limit for each question.
  • The three questions were based on the following topics

     * Question-1 Sliding Window+Two Pointer
     * Question-2 Greedy 
     * Question-3 Brute force with recursion

De Shaw shortlisted candidates after the online assessment based on resumes and performance in OA.

De Shaw has a detailed application form in which they ask you about things like JEE Mains & Advanced Rank, achievements, GPA, past experiences etc.

Round-II(Technical Interview-I)

  • Some questions from my resume were asked, and some about prior intern experiences.

  • Some questions on OOPS followed this; the concepts were checked in-depth and not superficially. (OOPS sheat by Swapnil Sir is a good source for revision).

  • Then they asked me this puzzle. This is a good source of preparation.

  • Post theoretical questions, they asked me two programming questions. Both were Leetcode Medium level questions based on graphs and trees
  • Decent Problem Solving Practise and in-depth knowledge about OOPS is required to clear this round

Round-III(Technical Interview-II)

  • This round started directly with programming questions.
    • The first question was to design a spell checker (Hash Table and Trie Solution were not expected. A randomized data structure was to be designed)
    • The next question was to design a class-like feature of C++ in the C language

This was followed by a discussion on language-specific features of C/C++ and questions on compiler design, computer architecture, OOPS, and some data structures questions based on a project in my resume.

Round-IV(HR Round)

General Behavioural questions and my overall interview experience were asked.

Verdict: Selected


  1. Dont focus only on DSA practice; revise and prepare core CS subjects. (OOPS, OS, DBMS, Compiler Design)
  2. Don't bluff on your resume.
  3. Keep your interviewer engaged, and articulate your thought process clearly.

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