Question: Stealth mode fintech internship hiring experience
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ROLE: Full Stack Developer

Number of Round: 3 (2 Interview Round + 1 Project Round)

First Round (Project Round)

In this round, I have been given a project on creating APIs in the Django Rest Framework. The time given for the completion of the project was one week. They provided proper documentation about the project, like what to create, which tech stack to use, when to submit, and how to submit. Make sure, after making the project, you provide them with proper documentation on it. In my case, I had to create the APIs, and after doing so, I provided them with documentation on how to use these APIs.

project link:

Second Round (Technical Round)

Most of the questions were asked on the project that I had made in the first round and on the online judge project. As it's a startup, they don't focus much on DSA and didn't give me any DSA question.


  1. How will you restrict the APIs for a particular group of user?
  2. I didn't remember the exact question but I had implemented JWT Authentication to access APIs so the interviewer asked question on that about the model or structure I'm using to implement JWT authentication.
  3. How will you filter the users who are submitting the code against a particular question and got verdict as accept in a given time frame? (They asked to code this.)
  4. Some questions related to Django object relational mapping.

clarification question I had asked for question 3:

  1. what if multiple submission are there against a question by a single user and more then one submission out of them are correct. so do I need to filter them all or we want unique user?

Questions I asked:

  1. I asked him about his work experience in the startup.
  2. And the office culture.

Third Round (HR Round)

In this round, most of the questions are behavioral and situation-based, e.g. how will you handle critics or what if your workload suddenly increases and the time for its completion is short? And at the end, they give details about the working hours, the team with which you will work, and other details about the internship.

Verdict: Selected

Tips and Takeaways:

  1. communication skill and framing your answer.
  2. you should have knowledge of each and everything about your project (the tech stack you used in it) because startup focus more on the projects.
  3. Crystal clear basics.
  4. Research about the company in which you are applying.

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