Question: JIO Interview Experience | 2023 Graduate On-Campus
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Online Assessment: 45 mins

OA included two coding questions based on DP and Graph. Super tough!

I was able to pass 14(out of 17) and 13 (out of 20) test cases respectively.

Verdict: shortlisted

45 Candidates were shortlisted

Round 1: Technical Round (45 mins) The first round was majorly focused on projects, resume and a lot of SQL! Few questions in my interview were:

Tell me about yourself which is not there in your resume

Describe your intern experience (I had an on campus intern)

Again SQL queries on my intern project.

Asked some questions on testing: I was clueless!

Again asked about blackbox testing

Some questions on JVM architecture although it was not mentioned in my resume

They asked me to write down all the SQL queries that can exist in my projects.

One puzzle: Cut a cake into 8 equal parts using maximum 3 cuts.

Some DSA, CPP based questions:

  1. Difference between OOP and Procedural
  2. CPP Advantages over other languages
  3. Types of linked list
  4. What is doubly linked list
  5. What is Time complexity
  6. What is Big O notation

I was shortlisted for next round even though I was not able to answer 9(out of 10) of SQL questions. Maybe because I was very confident and quick in other areas.

Round 2: Technical Round (45 mins)

The interviewer was having 12 years of work experience.

Interview started with my brief introduction and then he asked me about how was my last interview.

I explained him that apart from SQL everything went well as I have not revised SQL since a year. He was okay with it.

Then he started asking me questions regarding my projects. I mentioned two projects one was on PHP and other one was OJ.

He asked me to explain both of them, nothing in detail. Then after a while, out of nowhere he asked me a SQL question! Oh god, I thought after confessing that I have not revised SQL, he would not ask me questions regarding the same, but he did! The question was based on cross join and I explained him everything except writing down query! xD! I told him that I was unable to remember the syntax and he laughed and moved on to the next question.

Then he asked one LC easy question on Linked list, to find the middle node of a Linked list and I explained him two approaches. He was satisfied. We also had some discussion on time and space complexities in general.

Now comes the best part!

Since he knew that I have worked on a production level code he asked me whether I know System Design to which I replied saying, Yes, I know the basic terminologies!

Then we had a discussion over APIs, Caching, Latency, CDN etc. He was too happy with my answers!

I asked him questions regarding what all the possible verticals I might get to work in if in case I get shortlisted.

Round 3: HR Round (7-10 mins)

This was more of a formality round

Questions regarding what I do apart from tech, Strengths, weaknesses

And then regarding compensation, location etc.

Final Verdict: Selected

Few insights:

  1. They do not expect you to know everything in detail. Just let them know whatever you know about the topic or else say sorry and move on!
  2. Do not mention anything unnecessary in your resume.
  3. Practice solving puzzles in your free time. They provide you a edge over others and they might help in recovering if in case you were not able to answer other questions.
  4. Be confident about what you are speaking!
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