Question: Interview Experience at Providence India (Date:- 12/09/22)(Role-: Data Analytics Engineer)
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Round 1:

In the first round, I was asked to introduce myself. Following that, I was given a coding problem based on Counting Sort. I was also asked about my favourite data structures and their uses. Additionally, the interviewer asked me several questions related to OOP concepts such as inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation. There were also questions on DBMS, including ACID properties and normalization.

Round 2:

In the second round, I was again asked to introduce myself. The interviewer then asked me to write an SQL query to find the details of the employee having the second-highest salary. I was asked about the databases I have worked with and the projects I have completed during my time in college. Then I was asked about the operating systems I have worked with and basic questions on Python, such as the difference between a list and a tuple.

HR Round:

The interviewer was very friendly and asked me to introduce myself once again. They inquired about the data engineering projects I have worked on and whether I am willing to relocate. The interviewer also asked me why I am interested in joining Providence. Finally, I was given the opportunity to ask any questions that I had.

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