Question: Dassault Systems, Interview Experience for Java Developer Role, 11th November 2022
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Dassault System Interview Experience Round 1

Java Developer Role

Firstly a brief introduction (education, experience, projects, skill-set and achievements), Interviewer asked for the roles and responsibility in current organization, after that he jumped to coding questions,

Coding Questions

He asked 2 questions,

First coding question

Q1. Print inverted pyramid pattern (easily solved),

Second coding question is based on string,

Q2. Write a function reshape(n, str) , in which you have to insert '/n' after n character of the string.

Example: reshape (3, "abc de fghij") , this should return "abc/ndef/nghi/nj", (able to solve)

Logical Reasoning questions:

Q1. You are given 9 balls, out of them 8 balls weight 1kg and 1 ball weight 940gm. Using a weighing scale (like tarazu) in minimum number of chances you need to identify which 1 ball weight 940gm. ( I figure out in 3 moves, so he asked can we do better, then I answer 2 moves and explain the approach)

Q2. It was similar to "Tough Two Jug Measuring Puzzle" , I was given one 3 litre mug and one 5 litre mug and I have to measure 4 litre using these mugs.

Other Questions:

OOPs related questions,

How garbage collection works and when garbage collector start collecting garbage

What is recursion etc

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Logical Reasoning Q1 Answer

Assuming Weighing Scale is like the picture below:

enter image description here

Step 1

  • Divide the balls in groups of 3
  • Put any two groups on the weighing scale
  • If any one of the groups has less weight, separate out that group of 3
  • If they have the same weight, separate out the group of 3 balls that was not put on the weighing scale.

Step 2

  • Pick any two out of those three balls and put them on weighing scale
  • If one of them has less weight, that is the odd ball out.
  • If both of them have equal weight, the ball that was left out is the odd one out.
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