Question: Qualcomm, Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer Position, 2022
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Qualcomm Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer Position

Basic discussion on resume and current company's tech stack and project was common in all rounds.


  • Discussion on time and space complexity.

Q1. Find missing smallest positive number in unsorted integer array.

{1,5,6,-2,4,2}, smallest positive number : 3

  • Was asked definition of complete binary tree.

Q2. Convert linked list to complete binary tree.




     / \
    2   3
   /\   /\
  4  5 6
  • Was also asked what is MVC architecture.


  • Discussion on OOPS Concepts.
  • Interviewer also asked about design patterns in Java.

Q1. Check for balanced parenthesis in a string.

Q2. Attaching Screenshot for it.


  • Discussed about singleton class in Java.
  • Interviewer asked about dependency injection.
  • Unit Testing.

Q1. Print nth fibonacci number- both recursive and iterative.

Q2. Second most repeated char in a string





After the 3rd round there was a basic feedback sort of a round with a different interviewer.

Interviewer also asked why you want to switch and some other basic questions.

Also asked where do you want to see yourself in 3-4 years.

Then the interviewer said that Qualcomm Hyderabad works in sync with Qualcomm Seattle (or San Diego he said I guess), so there will be another interview round of 1 hour max with the Seattle team as well either on Friday or Monday.

Qualcomm Seattle Round

Interviewer asked few basic question related to resume and career like-

  • What was the most challenging task done till now in the current company?
  • How any of the unknown requirements were handled in any of the projects mentioned in the resume?
  • Are you aware about agile practices?

Next moved on to coding questions-

Q1. Find the uncommon elements in two unsorted arrays.


[3 4 2 3 4] 


[3 6 3 2 1 1] 


[4 6 1]

I told him the brute force approach for this and moved on to the hashing based approach and coded it.

Q2. Given a maze represented by a two dimensional arrays with R rows and C columns. Find a path from start position to exit.

You cannot move diagonally between cells.

Passable cells are marked with a period .

Impassable cells are marked with a hash #

The start position is at cell S

The exit is at cell E

For example:


I applied DFS over here similar to what was used in the athletic arena problem and he was satisfied by this approach.

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