Question: Dassault Systems, Interview Experience for Java Developer Role, 12th November 2022
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Round 1 interview experience at Dassault Systems

Round started with my introduction and my past experience, about my projects.

There were many questions asked related to my projects and tech stack involved.

After this, I was asked about oops concept in Java.

Few general questions on java.

I was given 2 snippets (Java) to predict the output.

General question why this is the output, What can we change to get a different output.

Coding Question

At last I was given a coding ques, which goes a follows -


Integer array as input, Count the unique digit from the array.

Using those digits make the largest number possible.

Sample input - 1,11,33,98,58,88

Unique digits - 1,3,5,8,9

Sample output - 98531 (Largest Number)

Questions regarding code re-usability were asked.

No logical reasoning ques were asked for now.

Round 2 will be updated.

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