Question: Walmart, Recently asked On-Campus Assessments in IITs, November, 2022
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Avg CTC: 18lpa

Location: Bangalore, Chennai

Job Roles: Java Developer, Software Engineers

Job Link: Software Engineering Roles

Question 1

Unique Element Problem


Question 2

Crayon Box

Click here to Practice

ADD COMMENTlink 13 days ago Rohit • 190 • updated 5 days ago Sahil • 40
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Crayon Box is a repeated Question. Previously asked for Sprinklr. Checkout the solution below.

Solution Link Here: Crayon Box

ADD COMMENTlink 13 days ago Rohit • 190
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Q1 seems like a dp problem t1 = a[i] + max[i+1][j] + (sum[i+1][j] +dp[i+1][j]) t2 = a[j] + max[i][j-1] + (sum[i][j-1] +dp[i][j-1]) dp[i][j] = max (t1,t2) answer = dp[1][n]

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