Question: Deutsche Bank, Interview Experience for Tech Analyst Intern Role, August, 2022
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NIT Raipur On-Campus Interviews for Technical Analyst Intern Role

Three Rounds

  • Coding Assessment
  • Proficiency Round
  • HR Round

Round 1

Coding Assessment

2 Coding Questions and 10 MCQs were asked.

Out of two Coding Questions one was easy to medium level and second one was medium to hard level.

10 MCQs mainly had concepts from DBMS, OOPS and SQL.

Technical Round

DBMS, SQL and OOPS concepts were mainly asked.

3 Basic Coding Questions were asked

  • A basic Quick Sort
  • Search for an element in an array
  • One more simple question

Round 2

Proficiency Round

  • No technical Questions Asked
  • Basic HR Questions
  • Situation Based Questions

Round 3

HR Round

  • Introduction
  • Project overview

Verdict: 7 candidates were selected for NIT Raipur

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