Question: VISA Interview Experience
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Whole process consists of an online assessment followed by three interviews(2 technical and 1 HR+technical). Online Assessment consist of 3 questions. First question was a simple one in which we have to use a simple for loop. I solved second question using priority queue(It was kind of m discount coupons question in which we have to minimize total cost). Third question was a bit hard than previous two.(I can't remember the exact question). I was able to solve two questions completely and in third one I was able to pass 9/10 test cases. I was selected for interview.

First Interview: This interview was totally on my resume and core computer subjects. He first asked me to explain my projects and he cross questioned me on those and asked me about tech stacks used in those projects. He asked me questions on DBMS(ACID properties, Indexing,etc) and Operaing System(Deadlock and it's prevention,different scheduling algorithms,starvation and aging concept). He also asked me some questions on security part such as how to prevent SQL injection etc.

Second Interview: In this interview also he started with some questions on my resume. He asked me some questions on CSS concepts as one frontend project was mentioned in my project. He asked questions about APIs. After that he gave me 1-2 easy questions on string to code. After that he asked me questions on some dsa concepts such as hashing, hashing collision and how to prevent collision. Some questions on LinkedList. He asked me about different time complexities in array and linked list(insertion, deletion,etc). He also asked me about questions that came in online assessment and asked me to explain the approach that I have used to solve those questions.

Third Interview: This interview also started with explanation of my projects. After that she asked me some standard HR questions(Weakness,strength,etc) and some questions on VISA Company such as idea about company work,etc.

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which campus??

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NIT Raipur

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