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On Campus (IIIT Kalyani)

CGPA Cutoff : 8

Branch : CSE

Post : Software Engineer Trainee

Location : Gurgaon, Banglore, Pune, Hyderabad

CTC : 12.47LPA (Base : 8LPA)

Initial Test :

Online Assessment : Test Duration - 90 mins | Programming (2 Questions)

Interview (2 Rounds)

Round 1 : (Technical Round)

In this round I was first asked to introduce myself and then she gave me to code Binary tree and Linked list from scratch. I did both questions within 30 mins and explained the whole code. She later asked me to run the code and the code was working fine.

Then she moved on to the core subjects and asked basic questions on DBMS, OS, and Computer Networks. I was able to answer most of them as she was asking basic questions. (Tip : For the CS core if you are confident with your answer then only give the answer else you can say sorry i can't recall it right now. As their major focus is your coding skills.)

At the end she said you have very good depth knowledge in coding and asked me if i have any questions.

Round 2 : (HR Round)

The HR was very friendly and he initially asked about my projects. Then he asked some questions from the projects and gave me a situation based on one of my project and asked me how will you deal with it (You can refer to any situation-based questions of HR Round).

Then he asked me are you a team player? I said yes, then he asked me how? (Tip : Try to cerate a situation and then explain how you are a good fit for the particular asked question.)

Then he asked me about my strengths and weaknesses.

At last he asked about Publicis Sapient Principles.

Verdict : Selected

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