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On-campus interview SGSITS Indore Elegible Branches : All Branches Post : Summer Analyst 2023 Location : Bangalore stipend : 1 lakh/month Topic Focused : Graph, Dynamic Programming, Recursion, Searching, Sorting, datatypes Coding Round

All sections were MCQ based except one : Aptitude Computer Subjects English Communication DSA questions (TSP and coordinate related graph question) (30 students were shortlisted for interview)

1 section written situation based questions

Interview Rounds(3 rounds and each round was of 45 mins duration)

Round 1 :

This was a technical round. After the introduction interviewer asked :

  1. Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?
  2. since you are from EC background what if someone has given you other job on the basis of that by seeing your CV and not that for which you are applying for?
  3. would you do that job?
  4. "Search in the sorted array", I came with the approach and he asked me to write code and explain it line by line. I explained it.
  5. "repeated elements in the array", again same procedure.
  6. twisted the 4 and 5 point question in 2 to 3 different ways.
  7. In the end he asked me if I had any question and I asked him 2 questions.

Round 2:

This was a technical round.

  1. By seeing my CV interviewer asked me questions related to my project.
  2. He also asked me "What is git and GitHub". I answered them all.
  3. He asked me a DSA problem "Egg Dropping Puzzle" I hadn't seen any problem like this before so it was totally new to me, I was trying to ask questions related to questions like constraints and all. The interviewer was setting the timer before asking anything and also if I was not able to solve that thing in that particular interval he was giving me hints. I was panicked and I didn't know what to do. By taking hints I solved 50 percent of problem and 50 percent of problem was solved by the interviewer. In the end interviewer asked me if I have any question for him and I was having anxiety so I didn't asked him anything. after that I was thinking that I am not going to be selected for further rounds but after an hour I got a call for the third interview.

Round 3:

This was also a technical round.

  1. Interviewer first asked me about my projects I explained him.
  2. he asked me queries related to "MongoDB".
  3. He asked me a question "I have given two numbers and each digit of that number was stored in the linked list and I have to add two linked lists just like we add two numbers ", I asked him cross questions related to the problem. I explained him the approach, he asked me to write the code I wrote it, at some point I was stuck for a while coding but then I recollected myself and was able to code it up.
  4. He asked me a question "print the fibonacci numbers from 1 to n using recursion".
  5. He asked me a question "Subset sum problem" I solved this also.
  6. He asked me a mathematical problem "shortest distance between two given points in a cubical box" I solved that also.
  7. In the end interviewer asked me if have any question, I asked him two questions.

Verdict : Selected

Tips and Takeaway :

  1. Try to speak out loud and keep command with the interviewer. Interviewer is very much interested in your thought process and approach. At some points when I was stuck for the few minutes, I kept thinking loud and communicating with him where I was stuck. And soon enough up what I missed.
  2. Don't get panic just like I did that is the worst thing you can do. Drink some water, take deep breath and go ahead.
  3. Before the interview I did a little research about the company and prepared 2 to 3 questions.
  4. Ask the questions to the interviewer related to the problem like asking for constraints and all before jumping to the solution. First explain your approach to the interviewer and after that jump to the coding part and explain each and everything of your code to the interviewer.

That's it.

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