Question: Google 2023 Summer Internship Interview Experience
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Google 2023 Summer Internship Interview Experience

Topics: Graphs, Hashmaps

Interview Rounds

There were 2 technical interview rounds of 45 min each, No HR round was there.

Round 1

The interviewer directly started out with the question, without any introduction. She first asked me to code the brute force solution, since we need to count the ordered pairs, I suggested the O(n^2) time complexity naive approach, and then she asked me to code it in the doc.

I suggested the optimised solution using a hint.

Time Complexity - O(n)

She also asked me to write the test cases.

Questions Interviewer asked -

  1. Why did I choose Hashmaps?
  2. Why do Hashmaps have O(1) complexity in finding an element?

The question I asked -

Since the interviewer didn’t start with an introduction, I asked about the introduction and in which teams she was working.

Round 2

The interviewer started with an Introduction and after that, he put the question on the doc.

Similar question -

Some clarification I asked for -

  1. What if there would be no circles or the list of circles is empty?
  2. List of circles will have only one circle?

I solved the question using DFS. He also asked me for 3-4 follow-ups and asked me how I would approach them. He didn’t ask me to write code for the follow-ups.

The question I asked -

  1. I asked him about the team in which he was working.
  2. Any research publications he has done in the past?

Verdict - Selected

Tips and Takeaways -

  1. Communication is very important, think loudly, and interviewers are there to guide you.
  2. You should be well-versed in the Data Structures that you are using. In my first interview, the interviewer asked me 2-3 questions about Hashmaps.
  3. Last but not the least, have faith in yourself.

All the best!

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