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On Campus Interview (VIT Vellore)

CGPA Cutoff : 6.5

Eligible Branchs : B.E. / B.Tech All Braches and Integrated Dual Degree Program

Offered Role : Advanced Application Engineering Senior Analyst

Location : Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune

Offered Package : 12.4 LPA

Round 1 (Cognitive and Technical Assessment)

  • Test Duration : 90 min
  • Total number of questions : 90
  • All questions were MCQ based consisting of aptitude, computer subjects (OOPS, DBMS, OS, Networking), Verbal Reasoning.

Round 2 (Coding Assessment)

  • Test Duration : 45 min
  • Total number of question : 2

The coding questions were quite simple and straight forward, all data structure questions. One from Maps and one from linked list.

Round 3 (Communication Assessment)

  • Test Duration : 30 min
  • This was a mandatory round but not an elimination round.

Round 4 (One-on-one Interview)

  • The questions were mainly focusing past work and experiences on few familiar technologies.
  • There was a long discussion with respect to the work during internship, asking for how security can be ensured in the application.
  • There were few questions from OOPS.
  • The interviewer asked about the group project and main focus was on checking team work skills.
  • At the end Interviewer asked if I have any question.

Verdict : Selected

Tips and Takeaways

  • Think loud and keep communicating with interviewer. They would guide you.
  • Make sure to brush up your fundamentals on OOPS, DBMS, OS, Networking, Software Engineering etc prior to interview
  • Not a lot but do have some practice on some aptitude questions
  • Just be confident with everything you have put on your resume.

All the Best!

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