Question: Publicis Sapient - Software Engineer Trainee
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On Campus (IIIT Kalyani)

CGPA Cutoff : 8

Branch : CSE

Post : Software Engineer Trainee

Location : Gurgaon, Banglore, Pune, Hyderabad

CTC : 12.47LPA (Base : 8LPA)

Initial Test :

Online Assessment : Test Duration - 90 mins |

2 coding questions both are graph questions

first one is slight modification of DFS and question name is K-STAR. second one is related to Dijkstra and just need to understand that we need to apply Dijkstra and can be solved easily.

Solved both of them and got call for Interview.

Interview (2 Rounds)

Round 1 : (Technical Round)

First Interviewer Introduced himself then he asked me to Introduce myself, after introduction he directly jumped into asking questions from core subjects, some questions from computer networks, operating system and some basic definitions of DBMS fundamentals.

since I was not able to give all answers of core subjects so, I told him that I am more confident in DSA. so, first he asked to implement linked list from scratch where I have to implement insert, delete and insert at any given position so I did this and after that he asked one more question related to string where we have to match and return the required string for which I have given both brute and DP solution and he asked me to code DP approach I did and he is satisfied and then he asked that if I have any questions I can ask so I asked about his role in company and tech stacks in which company is working and Interview is over.

I got call for HR round

Round 2 : (HR Round)

First HR Introduced himself then he asked me to Introduce myself, he seemed friendly and asked questions around points based on my Introduction, then he asked about my achievements and college life.

these are some questions which he asked :-

  • about company
  • how you approach for projects
  • ever taught someone
  • discussed about final year project
  • consulting about project
  • some situation based questions
  • critical feedback
  • how do you feel after solving problem

we just have to remain calm and answer each questions honestly and precisely.

Verdict : Selected

Overall the interview was an enriching experience for me and fortunately, I was able to make it through eventually and received a full time offer from Publicis Sapient. I wish the best for your interviews.

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