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Goldman Sachs | 30th September | Online Coding Rounds
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Answer: Microsoft OA Nov 2022 IITB by Lokesh 230
**Q2** ***` Solution:`*** - Order {`i,j,k`} doesn't matter, so sort arrays `A, B, C` - Initially, find the number of elements in `C` great…
Answer: Microsoft OA Nov 2022 IITB by Lokesh 230
**Q1** ***`Solution`*** - As written by Sahil Just consider the elements x, where `x=a[i]=b[i]` And find the minimum missing positive ele…
Comment: Microsoft OA Nov 2022 IITB by Sahil • 40
For all indices i such that A[i]=B[i] , put A[i] in an array and then find the first missing positive in the new array. You can use [this][…
Answer: Microsoft OA Nov 2022 IITB by Rakesh gurjar • 10
Please provide a solution to 1st question
Answer: Bhanzu OA by Ujjwal Srivastava 160
## Question 3 ## **Overview** - Given an integer array **A** of length **N** and the sum of the elements of this array is **X**. - You …
Comment: Bhanzu OA by kb • 10
Thanks for posting the solution of Question 1 !! Could you please post solutions for Questions 2 and 3 as well @Manas-2756
Answer: Bhanzu OA by Manas 150
**Question 1** * Solution : We are given an array of starting and ending positions of the jumps. For all jumps one gold coin is added to a…
Comment: Recent SDE OA 2022 by automata_1 • 30
Answer: BNY Mellon, Recently Asked Questions in IIT-G, November, 2022 by Manas 150
**Question 1** * Observation 1 - There can be n final positions at max, all that matters is if a position is possible or not, if a positio…
Answer: Morgan Stanley, Recent On-Campus Assessments Asked in IIT-M, November, 2022 by Manas 150
**Question 1** The Question can be easily solved using a hash_map. We would maintain 2 hash maps for each array. In each hash_map we will …
Answer: Oracle, Asked for On-campus Assessments at NIT-K, October, 2022 by Manas 150
**Solution** * Observation 1 - It can be noted that if we have 3 continuous numbers which have the same MSB (most significant bit), i.e 3 c…